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Top Seed’s mission is to constantly improve the quality of tennis instruction and programs for adults and children.

Top Seed has worked with the City of Calabasas since they bought The Center in 1994 and is proud of the partnership. Top Seed Tennis Academy, Inc. has been incorporated since 1994. Top Seed’s goal is to continually raise the level of tennis instruction, tournaments, leagues,junior tennis, adult tennis and socials at the Calabasas Tennis and Swim Center.

Some of the key successes and strengths of Top Seed include the following:

  • Considered the top tennis academy in Southern California
  • Over 15,000 students have attended Top Seed camps since 1994
  • Over 200 tennis scholarships ranging from USC, UCLA, FLORIDA, TCU, etc.
  • Manages tournaments ranging from USTA Men’s Challengers to National Junior and Adult events.
  • Very active social programs and continue to develop new ideas for all levels
  • USPTA tennis staff that have been recognized as one of the best in the country.